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There was an enthralling presentation on Fox News recently concerning a Stradivarius Cello. This was also reported in the New York Times on January 23, 2012. The presentation on Fox News was by the daughter of Bernard Greenhouse. Bernard was a great cello player and wanted a better cello. In 1957, he went to Germany and found this cello, a Stradivarius that was crafted in Italy around 1707.

After a great career of playing the cello, he and his daughter had to realize that there is a time later in life to perhaps sell assets … they were both college teachers. They wanted a buyer who would keep the cello in active use. The starting asking price was $6.25 million and it was sold at a greater price. The buyer in Canada loaned it to a cello virtuoso.

Just like a Stradivarius Cello, the value of a life insurance policy should be considered for selling later in life. Take a look at it. Premiums may be increasing or money may be needed for other things. GWG Life, LLC has the facilities to help you determine the value of your policy and could make you an offer, maybe at five to eight times greater than what the insurer will give you. Call 877-494-2388 or go to GWG is in the business of helping seniors have more money and better lives.

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